Sharon Winton - Flutist
Teaching Philosophy
Summary: The creative art of music is a lifelong opportunity for expression and fulfillment. I equip my students to embrace that opportunity. Because I believe deeply in the value of each individual, my teaching style is marked by strong student-teacher rapport, personalized courses of study and building my students’ confidence in an inspiring and positive setting.Principal Goal: My main goal is to guide and facilitate each individual student’s musical growth.• Give student practical tools and instruction necessary for progress• Instill a sound foundation in musical principles and historical/stylistic context• Nurture each student’s individuality, creativity and joy in making music• Be student’s advocate through encouragement, motivation and example Process: I emphasize solid technical fundamentals and musicianship.• Identify student’s individual musical strengths and weaknesses• Formulate a customized course of study for each student to develop tone, intonation, breathing, rhythm, vibrato and finger technique through scales,etudes and studies• Assist each student in planning a personal practice regimen• Introduce solo and ensemble repertoire at appropriate learning-level junctures • Address and develop student’s musical expression and interpretation skillsProgress and Assessment: In order to produce self-assured, artistic, informed, active performers, I provide a range of opportunities for my students to evaluate their progress. • Offer regular studio repertoire class • Integrate chamber music and solo recitals as part of comprehensive musical studies • Provide regular feedback after observing ensemble rehearsals and performances• Arrange periodic master classes from visiting artistsPurpose: I seek to have music make a difference in my students’ lives.• Expose my students to great art and artists• Motivate them to develop self-discipline necessary for any kind of achievement• Instill in them a lifelong love, appreciation and respect for music
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