Sharon Winton - Flutist
Testimonials on Dr. Winton's teaching

What students are saying about Dr. Winton’s teaching…..

“..I’ve developed my quiet range much better and how to control it, and I can control coloring better too.” ~ high school student

“I better understand airstream and breath control." ~university student

“I really enjoyed studying with Dr. Winton. She made me feel at home in the studio….showed me how to be confident and keep my skills up to par.She really helped me focus on the skills I had a made me a better player.” ~university student

“I learned a lot and improved my skills immensely.” ~university student

“You are such a great flute teacher ! I really appreciated your help and patience”. ~high school student

"Sharon has a unique capacity to maintain a standard of excellence, while at the same time inspire her students to maximize their own potential. Her pedagogical savvy in combination with her thoughtful consideration of pupil needs and interest make her a sought after instructor.”

~ parent of student

~ parent of student~ parent of student

Would you recommend Dr. Winton to others?

“Yes, I improved a great deal in a relatively short amount of time, lessons are nice and relaxed, things were explained in ways I could understand them.”

~university student

“I think you have some good insights and ways on explaining things."

~university student

“Yes, you are passionate about flute playing and want to see your students succeed.” ~university student

What colleagues are saying about Dr. Winton’s teaching….

“She proved herself to be a thoughtful and dedicated teacher, and the results of her teaching were excellent. She also created a campus-wide flutechoir that had excellent performances, allowing her students an interesting chamber music experience. I observed her teaching, and we had numerous discussions about teaching and pedagogy. She is an excellent teacher, who cares deeply about her students, doing whatever is necessary to ensure their success.”

“Dr. Winton was highly involved in the professional and musical development of all students in her studio and worked with each student in individual ways according to their needs. I had the impression that she spent a lot of time considering and planning lessons as well as the rehearsals of the flute ensemble. Her students played with conviction, musical sensitivity, and with an obvious understanding of flute technique and musical styles.”

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